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RUNNER UP: $2,500
SEMIS: $1,250



 - All NHRA Safety Rules Apply 
 - 1/4 Mile Race
 - Heads Up

 - Pro Tree 
 - 16 Car Field. If we have 32 cars we will run two groups. If we have more than 16 and less than 32 it will be an all run field. 


Minimum Weight



73mm maximum at 2400lbs (measured at the inducer of the compressor wheel)

67mm and smaller at 2200lbs, (*67mm and smaller turbos with larger than 83mm turbine wheel will be subject to 73mm weight minimums)


Exducer (turbine) limited to 102mm for billet wheels, 105mm for cast wheels. To further clarify the maximum exducer wheel size applies to the entire size of the wheel. No part of the wheel may be larger than the exducer limits specified. Exotic material wheels prohibited. Modified turbo housing is not allowed.


Non billet wheel deduct 100 lbs


150 lb penalty for Nitrous with manual transmission (cars with any nitrous equipment ie. Bottles, lines, nozzles, etc will incur penalty)

50 lb penalty for Nitrous with automatic transmission (cars with any nitrous equipment ie. Bottles, lines, nozzles, etc will incur penalty)


Fuel cannot exceed .799 specific gravity. Methanol is not permitted. The fuels must not be modified in any way. You must use them the way they came from the fuel manufacturer. You will be disqualified from the race if you are caught using a fuel that is not approved or it is illegally altered in any way.  Before competition, competitors must declare which fuel will be used during the event and must not deviate from it throughout the event.

Injection of any other fuel is prohibited.

Suspension, FRONT

Upper mounting point for strut assemblies must be in the factory location. Adjustable caster/camber pillowball mounts are permitted. Lower control arm may be strengthened provided factory mounting points to chassis are maintained. Lower mounting point for strut assembly may be modified for improved caster or camber. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars/devices permitted; must be bolt on ONLY. 

Suspension, REAR

Aftermarket lower control arms, strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, and limit straps are permitted. Rear suspension must maintain minimum shock travel of 1 inch. All rear suspensions must use at least one working shock absorber per wheel. Suspension modifications limited to bolt-on items only. All OEM suspension mounts/attachment points must be utilized. 



OEM chassis, with complete OEM floorpan and firewall,mandatory. Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis, etc.prohibited. Must retain FWD configuration; rear-drive conversions prohibited. Engine must be located in OEM location for body used. A front beam tripper is permitted but can only extend 45” forward of the centerline of the front wheel.

Ground Clearance

Minimum 3 inches from front of car to 12 inches behind centerline of front axle, 2 inches for remainder of car (except for exhaust more than 12 inches behind centerline of front axle).


Must retain original wheelbase for body used, plus or minus 1 inch. Maximum wheelbase variation from left to right is 1 inch.


DOT or racing slicks permitted with a maximum width of 9.5 inches and maximum height of 25.0 inches. Retreads, space-saver spares, or any other non-DOT-approved tire prohibited.